Sights and outings in Årjäng

Fishing and outdoor activities

The nature surrounding Sommarvik offers plenty of exciting outdoor activities! If you are interested in exploring the lake system you are definitely in the right place. The lake system Dalsland-Nordmarken is one of Europe’s finest with fresh air, clean water and a rich nature and wildlife. There is an endless number of lakes, well suited for canoeing and fishing. Perch and pike are the most common fish but there are also good “put-and-take” waters accessible if you are looking for larger catch such as trout.

Cycling and hiking

There are plenty of nature trails suitable for both cycling and hiking. Next to Sommarvik is Orrfjället with beautiful nature trails, and we can also recommend a visit to the nature reserve Glasskogens Naturreservat, a large area of wilderness with winding streams, large and small lakes, vast forests and a rich wildlife. Here you will find canoe trails, beaches, excellent fishing opportunities, rest areas and shelters.

Årjäng's Golf Club

15 km southeast of Sommarvik is one of western Sweden’s most beautiful golf courses – 18 holes in a beautiful environment.

Golf simulator

In the center of Årjäng is “Golfhallen” – a golf and hunting simulator which makes it possible to try both sports in a unique environment.

Sculpture walk

Go on a 3 km stroll through the center of Årjäng while enjoying sculptures and art along the way. A walk for body and soul!

Skulpturpromenad i Årjäng

19th century farmhouse

An old farm from the beginning of the 19th century with well preserved buildings, furniture and househould utensils. During the summer you can visit the farm animals.

Ögårn i Dusserud utflykt

Långelanda Courthouse

Sweden’s oldest preserved courthouse from 1802. It was used up until 1936. There are three buildings – a jailhouse, an archive and a courthouse.

Långelanda Tingshus utflykt

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Årjäng's Trotting Tracks

Årjäng’s Trotting Tracks are among the most beautiful racetracks in Sweden and well worth a visit! On their website you will find info about trotting days, their restaurants, trotting museum and trotting school.

Trotting school

The trotting school offers training and horse experiences for all ages. Kids between 4-6 years, kids between 7-15 years and adult courses from 16 years.

Nordiska Travmuseet

Museum with exhibitions showing the history of trotting. There is also a library with litterature on trotting.


Car cemetary

At the car cemetary in Båstnäs there are around 1000 old car wrecks  from between 1930-1970, now overgrown and seized by nature. It is a beautiful sight to see, no matter what time of the year.

Bilkyrkogården Utflykt


A must see for everyone who comes to Årjäng! This troll is about 8 metres tall and his shoe size is 3,5 metres! The tail of the troll functions as a slide.

Årjängstrollet i Årjäng


A stone statue that, according to popular tradition, was raised during wartime in the 17th century to scare off enemies. From the hill you have an impressive view of the lake Västra Silen.

Borgåsgubben utflykt