Kids Club

Sommarvik's Kids Club

Welcome to Sommarvik’s Kids Club! Join us this summer and together we will play and have fun with our mascot Jojo! We spend the whole summer doing fun stuff such as pony riding, facial painting, giant soap bubbles and mini disco. Jojo the moose often participates in the activities. What we do is usually depending on the weather, the number of kids, the kids’ ages and wishes. Our goal is to have fun together, to create great memories and to give the kids a chance to meet and make new friends during the holiday.

With us, the kids will not only get access to a wide range of exciting activities during the summer holiday, but they will also receive discounts on selected items in the shop, pool bar, restaurant and canoe rental. They only need to show their membership card to the staff. The membership is free of charge and all members receive a membership card.

Jojo the moose

Our mascot Jojo is the kindest moose in the world! He arrived at Sommarvik a long time ago after having stayed all by himself alone in the forest for many years. One day he thought he heard laughter and kids playing and when he followed the sound he came upon the nicest campsite he had ever seen and there he found lots of friends, games and goodies. He now lives at Sommarvik during the summer, when it is the most busiest time, but during the winter months he returns to live in the forest next to the campsite. Here you can listen to Jojo’s song!

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